Posted by: estudiantedeund | July 1, 2012

Vacation time!!

Just like that, my 5 weeks of classes are over. Overall, I feel like the classes I took were very well organized and I learned quite a bit. The most difficult part was that they packed in a lot of material into a short amount of time and that there were assignments for almost every day. For the credits we are receiving though, the work load was more than reasonable. The trick was getting everything done for school while still finding time to do a lot of touring and hanging out with friends. I definitely think that my classes at UND will seem easier after having taken these classes in Argentina.

This week I chose to experience the nightlife of Buenos Aires. I’m not one who usually goes out to the bars and night clubs, but it is a big part of the culture here, so we decided to check it out. The thing that makes it the most different from going out in the U.S. is the acceptable hours for being out. Here, the custom is to go to a bar/restaurant and eat dinner at about 10 or 11pm and have drinks. Then everyone goes out to the boliches (night clubs). Whereas the bars in the U.S. usually close at 2am, many of the clubs don’t open until 1 or 2am here. It is common for people to stay out until about 5 or 6 in the morning. It was fun to experience this part of the culture, but my body will appreciate returning to a more normal sleep schedule.

My adventures were limited this week because of all the final papers I had to write for my classes, but we were able to do some last things before leaving this great city. We spent a day walking around Puerto Madero last weekend. The people in Buenos Aires call themselves porteños because it is a port city. It took me 5 weeks, but we eventually found time to make it to the port. Unfortunately, we didn’t get close to where the large ships come in, but it was fun to walk along the water. An interesting fact about Puerto Madero is that all of the streets are named after famous women in the country. There is also a cool bridge across the channel that is called the “Puente de la Mujer” (Woman’s Bridge-see picture). My other adventure this week was to go on a bike ride through some of the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires. We only biked about 15 miles, but I was pretty sore afterwards. About a third of the streets we rode on were cobblestone and not so fun to bike over. The views were cool though. I loved being in neighborhoods outside of the city. It is a much more relaxed environment. We biked on a path near the water to a spot where we could see the skyline of the city. It was a great day for being outside and I appreciated the exercise.

Tonight, some of my friends and I are leaving on a 16 hour bus ride to Iguazu national park. We are going to be there until Wednesday evening. I am so excited to see the waterfalls!!! I have been told that it is one of the natural wonders of the world. There was a group of students that went last weekend and their pictures show that we will not be disappointed.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and I wish everyone a happy 4th of July!!! I am a little sad because this will be the first 4th of July that I have not spent with my family. The funny thing is that I am missing the 4th of July by just a couple days, but I am also going to just miss Argentina’s independence day as well. I leave Buenos Aires on July 7th and their independence day is on the 9th. Oh well, this whole experience has been worth it. I can’t wait to share with you my adventure to Iguazu in a couple days.



  1. Sitting in the office all day I didn’t realize how fast time flies! Can’t believe you’re getting close to the end of your Study Abroad journey!! I loved your stories and enjoyed reading your little adventures! Well-done!

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