Posted by: estudiantedeund | June 21, 2012

Viva la Vida

We are in the home stretch already! I can’t believe it! It is amazing how much you can learn about the world and about yourself in 6 weeks abroad. Overall, this trip has caused me to go through many different emotions, but I realize now that everything I have experienced has made me a much stronger and more confident person.

Last weekend, I finally was able to attend Mass at the cathedral and then my friends and I took some pictures of the obelisk. It was so surprising to be walking around Buenos Aires on a Sunday morning because, for the city that never sleeps, the streets were completely empty. We had to laugh, because we didn’t think that was possible here. The streets are usually packed with vehicles and people all the time! So, we got some good pictures while standing in the middle of the road.

I also was able to walk through the one street in the neighborhood of la Boca this week. It is famous for all of the houses and buildings painted multiple colors. It is a tourist attraction now, but the area has historical significance. We learned that because the people in that neighborhood are part of the lower class, they would use whatever paint was leftover from the ships at the port nearby in order to paint their houses. They couldn’t afford to buy enough new paint for their houses and stores, so they ended up with whatever colors they could find. After the Boca, we walked through the artisan fair in San Telmo. I was able to purchase many of the items I still wanted to buy before I left.

This week has gone so fast because Wednesday was a holiday (Flag Day). The program planned for us to go to an estancia (ranch) that was about an hour and a half away from Buenos Aires. It was definitely a tourist place, but it was fun to learn a little about gauchos and eat a ton of meat that they prepared for us! If you come to Buenos Aires be prepared to eat meat, especially if you are with a program like this one, because they bring multiple courses of different meats to try.

Getting all of our “midterm” assignments turned in was slightly stressful, because everything was due at the same time. We only have one week left, so we are down to the final papers. I will be excited to be done with school, but I guess I have learned quite a bit in these classes. At the very least, I am happy that I have had so much practice listening to native speakers lecture because now I feel like my Spanish classes back at UND will seem so much easier.

My friends and I are planning a trip to Iguazu Falls after school gets done. We bought our bus tickets today and were happy that they gave us a discount because we were all booking tickets together and because we are students. I am so excited for this trip! It will be a great little vacation before we all go home to our respective states. It is kind of weird to think that I might not ever see these people again after this trip. After a month of being classmates, traveling around the city together, and sharing so many new experiences I have made some great friends. It will be awesome to have contacts all over the U.S. now though.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first official days of winter! haha, I mean summer for you all!


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