Posted by: estudiantedeund | June 17, 2012

Trip to Uruguay

Last weekend, we all took a 2 day trip to Uruguay. It was so fun! We took a boat from Buenos Aires to Colonia, which was about an hour ride. We spent the afternoon and evening on the beach and touring the historical part of the city. We stayed in a hotel in Colonia, right on the Rio de la Plata. The next morning we had a huge continental breakfast and we had a beautiful view while we ate. Then we got on the omnibus and rode about 2 hours to the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo. It is a fairly large city, but we could definitely tell that it wasn’t as crazy as Buenos Aires. We went on a guided walking tour of the important buildings in the city and then had some free time to explore and shop before we had to return to the boat for the 3 hours ride back to Buenos Aires.

Fun Facts about Uruguay

-The exchange rate right now is 20 Uruguayan pesos to 1 US dollar. This makes all of the prices seem really high so don’t freak out if you go shopping in Uruguay

-There are a lot of stray dogs and they like to follow you around. They also chase cars for fun and they get so close to being hit it is scary to watch them.

-I was told by a friend at home that Uruguay has the best steak, so I tried it and I was quite satisfied. It wasn’t cooked as much as I would have liked, but it tasted pretty good.

-Chivito (see the picture of the sandwich): is a popular food in Uruguay. It is a flat hamburger with egg, tomato, lettuce, and onions.

-Driving through Uruguay, from Colonia to Montevideo, reminded me of North Dakota and northern Minnesota. There were a lot of fields and cows, not much else.


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