Posted by: estudiantedeund | June 17, 2012

Half way!

Hello again everyone!

It is crazy how fast the week went and how much I have done since the last blog. This is part 2 of the blog for this week. Make sure to take a look at the one I wrote just before this about my trip to Uruguay. I will write in chronological order, so it is easier to follow along with the pictures.

Last week, I went to a tango class. We learned about the history of tango in our classes, so it was fun to be able to hear the music and try the dance. It is not particularly easy, but we did our best to follow along with the instructor.

I spent a day with some of the other students in the barrio of Recoleta. We walked through another artisan craft fair and then walked through the famous cemetery. This cemetery is where many of the upper class families and well known people of Argentina are buried. It was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I was not expecting what we saw at all! There were rows and rows of giant mausoleums. After asking a couple people for help, we eventually found the site where Eva (Duarte) Perón is buried. Her tomb is the most visited in the entire cemetery because of her popularity for supporting the working class.

To expand my dancing experience even more, I participated in a salsa class this week as well. It was really fun and I found it much easier than tango. The music is much happier and the dance can be really fun if your partner knows what he is doing.

This week, my friends and I have discovered how amazing facturas (pastries) are. There are many different kinds and they are pretty cheap. The picture I took was of the empanadas I often have for lunch and the facture in the back of the photo.

The next six pictures describe what I see every morning before school on the way to the bus stop.

There should be no confusion where the police are because the sign is written in four languages. Both kioscos and locutorios are very common in Buenos Aires. They are small convenience stores that sell snacks and other things. Sometime they are also connected to small internet cafes. Bus 141 is the one I take to school every morning.

This week we went to the Evita museum and today we toured inside of the Casa Rosada and the Bicentennial museum. The Casa Rosada is similar to the white house in the U.S. It is the building where the president and other members of the government work, but she does not live there. A group of history students in Buenos Aires came with us on the tour and part of our assignment was to talk to them about some important events in the history of Argentina.

The last picture I posted in this blog is of a group of people playing music. It is representative of all of the forms of music around the city. I have been on numerous buses, subways, and streets where people just start playing instruments and/or singing. These musicians are trying to make money however they can. Sometimes it is annoying if it is on the bus, but often the music they play is entertaining.

So, week three of school is over and we only have 7 more days left. I can’t believe how fast the time is going because of these classes. We many of our midterm assignments due this week and now we mostly just have the final papers left. Many of the projects we are assigned as part of this program are to be done in groups. At first, I thought this would be difficult because we all live in different apartments and in different neighborhoods, but my friends and I have been able to do all of the projects so far by using facebook and google documents. I would recommend both of these forms of communication to other study abroad students, because they are really helpful and easy to use. Also, at the beginning of the trip, one of the students in the program created a facebook group and invited everyone that is in the program. This has been the greatest form of communication with everyone in the program. We are able to talk about homework questions, share plans for traveling places together, and coordinate social events without having to waste our phone minutes and text messages.

At the end of week 3, I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in the city and it doesn’t feel as much like a foreign place. I had to laugh the other day, because I was thinking about how “boring” it will seem back at home compared to being here in this huge city. There is still so much that we want to see and do. I am finding that it is so hard to cram all of the fun and school into six weeks.

They always say that you learn by making mistakes. Well, these are some of the ones I made this week that I probably won’t forget now J

-I had someone ask me “Le extraño a tus padres?” and I was really confused because I thought that they were asking me if my parents were strange. Later I learned that the verb extrañar means to miss, so they were actually asking me if I miss my parents. It makes a lot more sense now J

-Another mistake I made this week was during a presentation. We were supposed to present some pictures that we took of Buenos Aires and I started my presentation by saying “esta pictura.” My professor stopped me right away and told me that pictura is not a word, oops. If you want to say picture you need to use the word imagen or foto. The word pintura is used for a painting, but pictura just isn’t a word at all.

Last piece of advice in this blog for other study abroad students or any traveler: keep up on uploading and saving pictures as well as taking daily notes or writing journals to remind yourself what you did each day. I am doing this and I am so glad, because it takes a long time, but at least it is manageable if you don’t get far behind.



  1. ¡Ah, ja! I expect to see a tango demonstration upon your return.

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